Hated And Proud

With three little words, I have been deeply saddened and encouraged. On the outskirts of Aurora, there is a golf course and on the back end of the golf course is an area that appears to double as a skate park. Or at least maybe it used to. Now it doubles as a field of weeds, and graffiti all over the walls. While some of the graffiti looks cool and artistic, there’s a certain piece on there that inspires many different emotions. It says “Hated And Proud”

My whole life, whenever I got asked about how I felt on something my response would often be….”I wouldn’t say I hate it. Hate is an ugly and strong word.” Yet here we are on the brink of 2017 and you see not only the word but the convictions of it everywhere you look. Do I strongly dislike, or have a favorable distaste for, certainly. Hate, that’s hardcore. What makes it even worse, is the acceptance and acknowledgement that you are hated. What a sad thought.

There is hope though in that final word. Proud. It’s something yearned for so frequently and yet embraced so infrequently in being proud of that which others abhor. Be any color, be any gender, have any sexuality, identify however it is you choose…..but be Proud. Remember this graffiti the next time you feel ashamed of being you. While it certainly is ugly to hate, there is nothing wrong with being Hated And Proud.